Alumni Foundation

NGM has emerged as a great institution with 61 years of historical background arid with more than 50,000 great people as its alumni. Alumni friends are holding key positions in the field of business, industry, commerce, politics, scientific, research and in technical institutions both in India and Abroad.

NGM ALUMNI FOUNDATION is making a great impact in the society through its service to the nation. The main objective is to provide scholarship to the poor and the deserving students in various disciplines for their studies and also to identify deserving students of Post Graduate Courses and offer them scholarship to pursue their Research Programmes either in India or Abroad.

Another objective is to collect an initial corpus fund of Rs. 100 lakhs for the foundation in due course of time. This Corpus fund will he professionally managed with an Expert Advisory Board and the returns from this fund would be used to meet above objectives.


NGM Alumni Association is contributing every year a considerable sum as scholarship to the economically poor and meritorious students of every department in our College. Apart from that, Dr. S. Ramakrishnan, Founder, The Pollachi Cardiac Centre, Pollachi and Thiru A.M. Palanisamy, Aerospace, Coimbatore are contributing Rs. 1,00,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively every year as Scholarship and the same is distributed to the students in Alumni Association Annual Meet.


In commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee year celebrations of our College, NGM Alumni Association has proposed a permanent project in the campus. In this regard, an amount of Rs.10,17,005 was contributed by the Executive Committee members and the members of the association in the year 2017.

Alumni Scholarship Details